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What is Nordic Bridge?

Nordic Bridge is a community for increased knowledge and cooperation between Hungary and the five Nordic countries (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden). The programme has been elaborated jointly by the Nordic Embassies in Budapest and is financially supported by the Nordic Council of Ministers. Bridge Budapest Association has been selected as local partner and programme manager.

Nordic Bridge aims at sharing ideas, best practices from Hungary and the Nordic countries, expertise and experience through dialogue and exchange with prospective leaders in Hungary, and thereby contributing to an informed debate on Nordic values.

Initially, Nordic Bridge will form a community of 40 curious and outward-looking professionals from different walks of life representing business, culture, sport, science and education, civil society and media in Hungary.

Nordic Bridge will be a series of events run and hosted by the Nordic Embassies over a 10-12 months’ period, covering a spectrum of topics to be selected and shaped in collaboration with the members of the Nordic Bridge community. The events will stimulate interest in and provide insight into the Nordic societies, and the way they function and interact with the outside world, including Hungary. Issues highlighted and discussed might, for instance, span from green and sustainable growth models, digital education, people’s relationship with nature, gender equality or Nordic happiness. Creative topics might include Nordic Cuisine, Nordic Design, Nordic Noir or the Nordic Music Wonder. Case studies of successful interaction with Hungary, guest speakers, group discussions and informal events will enrich the dialogue within the community.

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The Nordic countries are at the top of many international rankings and their political, economic and social success stories continue to attract attention abroad. The Nordic faith in participatory democracy, the long tradition of rule of law underpinned by profound “trust” among its citizens, competitiveness, strong economic performance and social distribution of wealth, transparency and public accountability are visible elements of the Nordic model.  Equal value of all human beings, openness and the freedom of expression and press are similarly key characteristics of the Nordic way. The Nordic countries are seen as internationally oriented and outward-looking, with a clear priority to look to the future, rather than to the past. These are some of the core values and strengths that have shaped the Nordic societies of today.

Nordic Bridge is part of a joint Nordic outreach programme for a European audience and will be accompanied with the ambition of an increased online presence to spread news and information from the Nordic region, the Nordic Council of Ministers and the participating Embassies.


Kirsten Geelan   Ambassador of Denmark in Hungary

Kirsten Geelan
Ambassador of Denmark in Hungary

Olav Berstad   Ambassador of Norway in Hungary

Olav Berstad
Ambassador of Norway in Hungary

Niclas Trouvé   Ambassador of Sweden in Hungary

Niclas Trouvé
Ambassador of Sweden in Hungary

Petri Tuomi-Nikula   Ambassador of Finland in Hungary

Petri Tuomi-Nikula
Ambassador of Finland in Hungary



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